Ongoing research

“Weapons of the Weak: Technological Change, Guerrilla Firepower, and Counterinsurgency Outcomes” (working paper).

“Can You Have It Both Ways? Plausible Deniability and Attribution in Anonymous Coercive Bargaining” (with Andrew Cheon and Sara Moller) (working paper).

“When Does Religion Lead to Violence? Between Transnational Ideology and Local Conditions” (with Manuel Vogt) (working paper).

“Does Plausible Deniability Work? Assessing the Effectiveness of Anonymous Coercive Bargaining” (with Andrew Cheon) (working paper).

“Rebel Constituencies, Alliances, and the Outcomes of Civil War” (with Laia Bacells) (article project).

“Competition Neglect and the Puzzle of Preventive Wars that Weren’t” (book project).