Ongoing research

“Do Birds of a Feather Flock Together? Rebel Constituencies and Civil War Alliances” (with Laia Balcells and Chong Chen), article under review.
“Can You Have It Both Ways? Plausible Deniability and Attribution in Anonymous Coercive Bargaining” (with Andrew Cheon and Sara Moller), article under review.
“Religion and Violence: Testing the Ambivalence of the Sacred,” (with Manuel Vogt), article under review.
“Anti-abortion and Endorsement of Political Violence: A Survey Experiment,”( with Joseph Uscinski), draft article.
“Weapons of the Weak: Insurgent Firepower and Counterinsurgency Outcomes” (with Andrea Gilli and Mauro Gilli), draft article.
“Competition Neglect and the Puzzle of Preventive Wars that Weren’t,” draft article.
“Introducing the Rebel Alliance Dataset,” draft article (with Laia Balcells).